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Reduce your energy bills with Velux roof windows

Reduce your energy bills with Velux roof windows

If you’re looking for an energy-saving solution that will also supply more daylight for your loft conversion, our Velux window installations can provide the answer. Here at BPL Roofing Ltd, we’re Velux specialists, who understand the benefits of lower energy bills thanks to these highly innovative, energy-efficient windows. In addition to Velux window installations of any size for your pitched or flat roof, we also provide Velux balconies and sun tunnels. If you’re wondering how your roof can be better insulated and have more daylight, the solution is the latest generation of Velux roof windows..

"After they’re installed, the Velux windows will let the sun’s warmth fill your room and will keep it there, leading to lower energy consumption and improved daylight. The new generation of windows provides excellent insulation, as well as passive solar gain, the design using the sun’s energy for heating and cooling your living space."

Velux roof windows are seen as a valuable contributor to providing low-energy housing, thus reducing global energy consumption. In addition, they produce an estimated 18% more natural daylight than conventional windows, decreasing the need for electric lights and producing further energy-savings. In terms of the industry standards for energy-efficiency, Velux roof windows offer a low U-value of 1.2, an excellent score.This is thanks to the elegant new design of the latest Velux roof windows, boasting a larger pane space, with slimmer frames and sashes. The addition of the windows to your loft conversion can completely transform your room, making it appear more spacious. The natural light is easy on the eye and creates a changing environment for your room, enabling you to enjoy sunrise and sunset. It’s a fact that natural sunlight can actually improve your physical and mental well-being, particularly if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, caused by a lack of daylight. Your body is designed to get the vitamin D it requires for healthy teeth, immune system and bones by producing it when your skin is exposed to the sunlight. The latest generation of Velux roof windows offer a background ventilation system that can be set to allow fresh air into the room even if the window is shut. The larger pane allows more heat into your room through solar gain, while heat loss is decreased by the windows’ insulation. These features allow you to create your own personal comfort level for your room.

Personalise and manage your energy consumption

If you choose to add blinds, you can further personalise and manage your energy consumption by providing shade to keep your room cooler in the hot summer months and a further layer of insulation in the winter.

For further information

Thanks to Velux, your home’s comfort and energy-efficiency can be improved considerably. What’s more, you can do this from the comfort of your arm-chair, thanks to the new, electric Velux products, allowing you to control your devices remotely. If you prefer, you can let the Velux built-in programmes do it for you. The energy balance programme will automatically optimise your home’s climate and energy-efficiency based on your window position, your home’s location and other factors. For further information on our handy Velux window installations here at, Alpha Roofing Kendal give us a call today for all enquiries and a free estimate.


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    Maria Jenkins
    October 05, 2016 REPLY

    Just found this blog, look forward to reading more of your posts!

      Peter Clives @pclives_55
      November 02, 2016 REPLY

      We highly recommend Alpha Roofing Kendal, Scott and Chris are professional, hard working and knowledgeable.They are approuchable and are good to have on site, they explained each step and we could easily discuss the work as it progressed. Alpha Roofing did a great job fitting our new velux windows in challenging conditions and we are very happy with the end result. Scott is without doubt our first choice for any future work.

    Ste Bailey
    November 03, 2015 REPLY

    hi i'am converting a flat roof to a sloped roof it is about 2 meter by 6 meter wat size would you need and wat pitch would be required?


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