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    Talk to your roofer with confidence

    Having repairs done to your roof or replacing your roof can be a complex business. Talk to your roofer with confidence using this handy guide to roofing terminology.

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    Inspecting your roof to prevent roofing problems

    Whether you have a slate roof, pitch roof, flat roof or any other kind of roof, the roof is always an important feature of your home. It protects you and your family and therefore deserves some attention. Inspecting your roof is one of those roof maintenance jobs that people tend to overlook but will help you prevent roofing problems.

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    Reduce your energy bills with Velux roof windows

    If you’re looking for an energy-saving solution that will also supply more daylight for your loft conversion, our Velux window installations can provide the answer. Here at BPL Roofing Ltd, we’re Velux specialists, who understand the benefits of lower energy bills thanks to these highly innovative, energy-efficient windows.

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    The benefits of a flat roof

    There are two types of roofing to choose from when planning a roof project – a pitched roof, which has a minimum of two sides that rise to an apex where they join together, and a flat roof. Flat roofing isn’t completely flat; it actually has a slight pitch of a few degrees to one side to ensure rainwater runs off.

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    Flat Roofs - When Maintenance is required

    As a roofer in Cumbria, our team sees roofs in a whole range of conditions on a daily basis. With the onset of the more extreme weather conditions it can become a more frequent occurrence to see roofing becoming tattered and battered. Whilst we deal in a plethora of different styled roofing, one style of roof which can be hit hard by the more abrasive weather is the flat roof.

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    Refurbishing A Slate/Tile Pitched Roof

    At some stage in a pitched roof’s life it is going to need more than just minor roof repairs. A well constructed pitched roof can last 50 years and longer but if a couple of lead valleys have gone, a few ridge tiles have cracked, some individual tiles or slates have slipped and there are leaks or condensation appearing in the loft then it may be time for a full refurbishment of your roof.


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