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Flat Roofs - When Maintenance is required

Flat Roofs - When maintenance is required

As a roofer in Cumbria, our team sees roofs in a whole range of conditions on a daily basis. With the onset of the more extreme weather conditions it can become a more frequent occurrence to see roofing becoming tattered and battered. Whilst we deal in a plethora of different styled roofing, one style of roof which can be hit hard by the more abrasive weather is the flat roof.

"Flat roofs are considered to be those that have a pitch of less than 15 degrees, and because they can become harder hit by the more difficult weather they can also be the type of roof to suffer the most."

As such, it is important to keep an eye on the condition of your flat roof in order to prevent any superficial damage that can ultimately develop into a serious leak.


Ponding is exactly as it sounds; it is essentially the pooling of water. While our team of experts produce reliable roofing solutions for your home, ponding can occur if a roof is not properly installed. Equally, as with any part of a house, maintenance can simply be required to keep on top of the constant barrage of weather. So, if you find that water is gathering in the middle of your roof, or even around the edges, then contact our friendly team and they will be on hand to address the situation.


Splitting can occur when the roof experiences freeze thawing in the cooler weather. Equally it can occur naturally through the aforementioned ponding, or from even poor workmanship; to reduce the likelihood of this happening, or to rectify the situation, you can always rely on Alpha Roofing Kendal


When air becomes trapped under the layers of felt, it can manifest itself as blistering. This air heats up and expands and can even lead to a puncture, which can subsequently cause a leak. When this occurs the roof can then require a full clean and repair in order to not only make it waterproof, but to stand up to whatever weather may be thrown at it in future.


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    Pat Buckley
    October 24, 2016 REPLY

    Thanks for the article, I am looking at a larger renovation project and am trying to get a handle on ball park roofing costs, this has been very helpful.

      Craig Matthews Craig Matthews
      October 26, 2016 REPLY

      A very well researched and informative article for home owners! One thing it does not mention is the possibility of having the loft insulation upgraded if specified by building regs.

    Tony Grey
    December 08, 2016 REPLY

    Hi Can the old Flat roof be dismantled from the inside to avoid disruption on a neighbours Property? Thanks


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